Established in 1986, Aptech Limited is a global learning solutions company which has trained over 6.8 million students worldwide.


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Aptech functions through two main streams of businesses - Individual Training and Enterprise Business. Under Individual Training, Aptech offers career and professional training through its retail brands: Arena Animation & Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (both in animation & multimedia), Aptech Learning (I.T., aviation & hospitality, banking & finance, hardware & networking, and English language), Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech, Aptech Montana International Preschool, and Aptech Global Training (International training). Enterprise business includes, Training & Assessment Solutions for Corporate & Institutes (Aptech Training Solutions, and Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions).


Aptech has successfully trained over 7 million students through its two main streams of business - individual Training and Enterprise Business, and has effectively ventured into ten diverse sectors ranging from IT training to personal development. With certified faculty, updated curriculum and world-class infrastructure, Aptech continues to empower the youth with quality training.


Aptech, an Indian company has become a global leader in skill development and non-formal education. It strives towards empowering youth with the right skills, aptitude and attitude that holistically makes them a successful professional in the future.


Aptech has been tirelessly working towards equipping the youth, in over 40 countries,with the skills required to be more successful in the career of their choice. In the last three decades, Aptech has been a skill and non-formal education leader offering specialized and certified training in banking and finance, language proficiency, I.T. education, hardware and networking, as well as, travel and tourism, hospitality, aviation and retail operations skills.

• With a presence in 40 countries, Aptech has been operating since 1986.
• It has over 1300 learning centers across the world.


• Leader in career education.
• Trained over 7 million students worldwide.


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