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At Brand Advertising Research Consulting our purpose is to forge an anchor that tethers brands across various industries and enables a mutually beneficial platform across all media fronts and channels. Our vision is to upsurge ours, our Clients, Nations and Industry’s envision.                   

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Brand Advertising Research Consulting seeks to create an ever growing platform for spotting outstanding brands and further their recognition also thrives in creating an environment where leadership blooms. Our research expert’s compliment BARC’s passion by acknowledging different brands and their forte. We support all leaders and peerless industry innovators that are leading the future in present.                   


We fiercely support and work to control the best of outcomes for our clients, we believing in reaching out achieve newer goals and greater heights to attain the extra-ordinary and push boundaries.

The world where only Global competition exists, we entice the best of names and bring them to a stage meant only for growth, knowledge, expertise and perfection. Our various IP’s admix to channel the nonpareil service for the branding and marketing initiatives. ERTC provides for a magnificent statement of brand’s crescendo and its legacy.​​


Brand Advertising Research Consulting Pvt. Ltd. team focuses on various parameters from customers and industry’s point of view. The company performance is measured against the set Benchmarks to conduct a Gap analysis with the data collected through an extensive survey.

Brand Advertising Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (BARC) is a research-based consultancy leveraging an array of services to global brands with expertise in crafting branding solutions and analysis of brand equity, marketing campaigns, market research, product development and content marketing, with a blend of innovation for growth in various industries.

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