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Dabur Réal is the flagship product in the food and beverage category of Dabur India Limited. Dabur products have huge presence in international markets across USA, Russia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and SAARC Countries.


Dabur holds majority of the market share i.e. 56%. Réal Fruit Power is the leading fruit juice brand in India. Dabur India Limited, the parent company, is the most trusted brand name in India and is the largest Natural Health Care and Ayurveda Company. 

Réal Fruit Juices and Nectars offer a range of 16 variants of juices including Apple, Guava, Mango, Litchi, Mixed Fruit, Mosambi, etc. They have also launched Real Amla Fruit Juice and Réal Jamun Fruit Juice under Real Wellnezz range.


The fruits are sourced from the finest orchards from all over the world; Guavas are sourced from Karnataka, Litchis from Muzaffarpur, Mangoes from all over India and Oranges and Plums from all over the world.


‘Happy is Healthy’, with this slogan Real aims to promote healthy food habits in families. Offering a range of products with high nutritional value, Réal places itself as a facilitator of nutrition in proper amounts for growing children. 


Dabur Réal promises to stay transparent by revealing information regarding the ingredients and nutritional values of the product.

• Réal uses six layered Tetra packaging and the process of Aseptic processing. This process does not require added chemicals.
• The contents of Real juices are authorized by PNFDAI- Protein Foods & Nutritional Development Association of India. 


• Since the time of its launch, Réal juices have secured the place of the most trusted brands in fruit juices, which has helped the brand to secure a turnover of Rs. 1,000 crore in a short span of time.