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In 2005, Emami forayed into the men’s grooming space and created Fair and Handsome, a marketing history and pioneering the category of Men’s Fairness Creams. 13 years later, it is the largest brand in the Category. Emami is one of the leading and fastest growing personal and healthcare businesses in India, with an enviable portfolio of household brand names such as Fair and Handsome, BoroPlus, Navratna, Zandu, Mentho Plusand Kesh King.


Consumers see Fair and Handsome as an innovator. Even after competitors launched similar products, Fair and Handsome continued to earn trust and has retained leadership as the No.1 Fairness Cream for Men. The Brand has successfully leveraged the biggest celebrities over the years– Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Surya and Allu Arjun have been brand ambassadors over the last 10 years – creating aspiration and desire for Fair and Handsome. Not only these, the Brand has consistently leveraged popular culture through big blockbuster movie associations – Chennai (2013), Kabali in 2016, DJ in 2017 (Telugu) and associations with sport properties – Fair and Handsome was the prime sponsor of the FC Pune City Team in the ISL Football League for their 2015 season.

Fair and Handsome plays in 2 spaces: Fairness Creams and Facewash. On Fairness Creams, it is the pioneer and category creator with a market share of 67%, a dominant leader by a huge margin. The brand extended its strong equity in the upcoming grooming category of facewashes in 2014. Within 3 years of launch, the Fair and Handsome Instant Fairness Face Wash franchise has become the No. 2 player in the Men’s Facewash category. The brand has a larger-than-life aspirational imagery that consumers look up to, both in urban and rural markets.


Fair and Handsome is an innovator. After successfully creating the category of Men’s Fairness Creams, today, Fair and Handsome is seen as a brand that understands men’s skin needs the best. Fair and Handsome has defined a bold, new, unconventional language for itself through its communication. This is a grounded language across men’s grooming, and gives it an edge and ability to own its space and cement the consumer relationship. This has been done through a sharp and consistent emotive platform of superiority versus women’s fairness brands and by leveraging a strong masculine emotion. The Brand has successfully repositioned women’s fairness products as being insufficient on men’s tough skin.


Fair and Handsome has kept pace with the times. It has been specially designed for men by skin care experts through its deep understanding of the Indian man psyche and tailoring propositions, communication, products and packaging through this understanding. The Brand has been able to drive strong preference amidst multiple options available to men and has consistently tapped into new, evolving need spaces through new launches and regular product renovation to keep pace with changing needs. As a men’s grooming expert, the brand has delivered high technology, efficacious products. The Brand today has three successful brand extensions: Fair and Handsome Instant Fairness Facewash Portfolio, Fair and Handsome Complete Winter Solution and Fair and Handsome Laser 12, the newest launch in 2017.


Fair and Handsome provided the men an opportunity to break free from being closet users of women’s fairness creams, and catering to their fairness needs. It was based on researches that found that the texture of man’s skin is different from that of a woman and needs a product designed exclusively for them. The Brand has masculinity and leadership as core values. Fair and Handsome stands for being the real fairness brand for men in the consumer’s mind. The brand is seen with an undisputed leadership edge and expertise.

• Men’s Grooming Expertise, enabling men to look their handsome best.
• It has a big untapped market in India, neighboring countries and the Gulf.
• Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Allu Arjun have been brand ambassadors over the last 10 years – creating aspiration and desire for Fair and Handsome.


• No.1 in Men’s Fairness Creams, consistently for 13 years since launch.
• No. 2 in Men’s Face Wash category in just 3 years.

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