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Amul India was founded in 1946 in Anand and is managed by Gujrat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMFL). It is the largest milk producer globally. The Amul Corporative was established by Dr. Varghese Kurien, the Father of White Revolution.

Blaze to Brilliance:
Amul Milk is homogenised and toned with 3-3.5% milk fat and some is double toned with 1.5% fat. The Amul Milk pouches contain a mix of cow and buffalo milk. Their Milk can be classified into AmulTazaa, Amul Gold, Amul Diamond, Amul Slim Trim, Amul Chai Mazaa, Amul Shakti with varying shelf life.

Brand Quotient:
This renowned largest milk producer haven an enormous network of 15 million producers serving 1, 44,500 dairy co-operative societies nationwide. They milk is processed in 184 District Co-operative Unions and marketed by 22 State Marketing Federations helping millions lead a better life.

Being the highest quality and most hygienic liquid milk available in the market it meets the FSSAI and PFA standards in the respective milk segment. They maintain the pasteurization through its state-of-the-art processing plants and provide convenient packaging. They also have an established range of flavoured milk.

Leading Edge:
Amul Lactose Free Milk devoid of lactose is a pioneer in India. It provides nourishment to lactose intolerant consumer, available in a tetra pack of 250 ml with a re-cap to allow multiple time use.

Brand Commitments:
They contribute to the socio-economic conditions and livelihood of the dairy farmers. A Dairy Demonstration farm has been established envisaging the encouragement to farmers to use high yielding animals and modern aid techniques for maximum milk production.

Brand Facts:
Amul was an initiative to get rid of unfair trade practices towards the local milk farmers.

Master Stroke:

They have launched Amul Camel milk with insulin like protein beneficial for diabetics.

Amul Milk

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