Kit Kat

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“Have a break have a Kit Kat” is the oldest tagline of the iconic Kit Kat which is a chocolate covered wafer biscuit bar produced by Nestlé.

Blaze to Brilliance:
The square shape in the early years was made with the vision of a bar that could with be easily packed up with the worker’s lunch. The size of the Kit Kat bar aligns with countries and their diverse cultures. With prowess as a world leader in Kit Kat innovations, Japan invented bake able Kit Kat bars infused with flavours like cheesecake and pudding causing a nationwide stir.

Brand Quotient:
Kit Kat is layers of wafers called fingers covered with chocolate. The number of fingers varies country wise. They are recognized globally and have a mass expansion across countries like Rhodesia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They have an emerging market with more than 200 marvellous flavours. There are cheesecake, cookie cream and ice cream versions of it.

Trend Setting:
Nestlé has invested largely in Digital media creating a Social Break Widget. Kit Katdifferentiates itself by multiple product packaging and differential sizes like three fingers in Middle-East or an extra long stick or half stick in Japan. The word “Break” has a high recall value as it implies taking a break in daily hectic lives.

Leading Edge:
Kit Kat also resembles “kittokatsu” which translates “surely win”and is considered a Japanese good luck. They first introduced the orange flavour followed by dark chocolate, soy sauce, green tea, crème brûlée. They also trend as pizza toppings.

Brand Commitments:
With belief in sustainable development they are first confectionary to be sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa.

Brand Facts:
Kit Kat got its name from a literary club Kit cat.

Master Stroke:

They help improve the quality life of cocoa farmers.