Red Bull has been giving wings with its unique formula giving rise to a new segment founded by Dietrich Mastechitz in the 1980s.

Blaze to Brilliance:
The Formula One racer Gerhard Berger became the first Motorsports athlete to be sponsored by Red Bull. They held the first ever music academy in Berlin.  The Red Bull Amaphiko Academy developed Wandisile a social entrepreneur to sum a gangster’s life in a museum to create awareness. The Red Bull Dolomintenmann is the long running Red Bull event.

Brand Quotient:
With a strong network of access across 171 nations, they have a workforce of 11,886 employees. With a demonstrable success in the Austrian market they are focussing on USA and Western Europe. They have sold more than 6.3 billion cans with contributing markets of Turkey, India, Northern Europe and UK.

Red Bull Sugarfee is a beverage without sugarvitalizing the body and mind with only 5 calories per 8.4 FL OZ. It helps balance a busy day between work and gym. Red Bull Total Zero is functional with zero sugars. Red Bull editions are available in many flavours like coconut, blueberry, tropical fruits and a lot more.

Leading Edge:
With a global sale of over 6.3 billion cans, the distribution causes an environmental impact. They constantly striveto minimize the carbon footprint along the lifecycle of the can. Their cans are 100% recyclable not hampering the quality. They follow wall to wall production saving resources.

Brand Commitments:
With ice cold preference of customers they have developed ECO Coolers which use 45% less energy than other refrigerators. The manufacturing processes uses 80% of renewable energy resources.

Brand Facts:
Wings for Life is their foundation to raise money for spinal cord injury cures.

Master Stroke:

They featured Gallant’s breakout track “Weight in Gold”.

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