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Samsung Smartphones

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Samsung is a revolutionary company delivery world class products smartphones, tablets and electronics. SH-100 has the honour of being their first mobile handset launched in 1991.

Blaze to Brilliance:
Initially selling noodles in Korea, Samsung now has collaboration to provide equipments for Virtual Reality games. With the success story of SHG-600 to the globally recognized Galaxy series, the evolution of Samsung smartphones is remarkable. They are truly living up to the meaning of their vision “The Everlasting stars”. 

Brand Quotient:
Along with being global Leaders they are global employers with more than 236,000 staff across 70 countries. The smartphones have many variants like the Galaxy A series, the Galaxy On Series and the Galaxy S9/S9+. They invest 6% of the company revenue in their R&D also delving in the world of AI.

Trend Setting:
In the world of selfies and clicking memories without a professional photographer they contribute with dual or quad lens with pro options for various occasions and lighting situations. Their AR feature transforms you into an emoji for fun chats and speakers recreate any place into a theatre audio system. In the world of seamless streaming they have a feature to boost the 4G for 2.5 times faster internet.

Leading Edge:
They strive to provide their customers innovative experience and solve daily shortcomings. They ensure security and dependability in hectic lives with their fast charging and long lasting battery. They blend style with innovative colours like caviar black and blue lemonade. Samsung Pay is their money transaction app.

Brand Commitments:
“Samsung Take-Back and Recycling” program is formulated to build a green ecosystem and tackle e-waste by recycling old phone to build new ones.

Brand Facts:
They are pioneers of the MP3 mobile phones.

Master Stroke:

They are pioneers of the quad camera with wide lens.