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Total Lubricants is the world’s fifth ranked publicly traded oil company.

Blaze to Brilliance:
They are part of diversified market segments like the automotive industry, agriculture and motor gardening, construction and mining equipment, marine and leisure industries. They offer products like engine oil, gear oils, coolant liquids, metal working, brake and hydraulic fluids with multiple purposes. They commit to maximise efficiency and strive to meet client’s unique lubrication needs.

Brand Quotient:
They are the 4th largest company in the lubricant market with 45 production plants worldwide and a strong network of 150 countries where the lubricants are distributed. A team of 5800 employees with 130 researchers produced 200 million automotive cars, help 400 industry applications and lubricated 7000 marine vessels. They have partnership with Ashton Martin, Citroen, Nissan, Great Wall motors, TATA Motors and many more for enhancing skill levels and modernizing motor workshops.

Trend Setting:
They have dedicated a range of fuel economy range lubricants for agriculture, boats, public works and transport industry blending their commitment towards environmental performance. They provide maintenance tips and blogs about oil as an adaptation to digitalization. They have oil change Moto care centre enhancing the consumer satisfaction.

Leading Edge:
They have developed a pioneering line of fluids for electric and hybrid vehicles consolidating its position as a key player in electric mobility. With continuous innovation they also launched TOTAL FOLIA a revolutionary change in the field of metal working.

Brand Commitments:
Their commitment is best performance and efficient long shelf life. They have tailor-made products to meet specific client requirements. With high value added services they have accessible and responsive teams which continuously innovate towards safe and environmental friendly lubricants.

Brand facts:
They provide a full range of biodegradable lubricants.

Master Stroke:

Total Lubricants is an important sponsor in Formula One.

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