Founded in Hong Kong in 1966, Airland’s scope of operations has successfully expanded from solely manufacturing and sales of household products to developer, property management, power station and toys manufacturing. AIRLAND is now a multi-facet corporation.


Airland has attained various national and international recognitions for best production technology, reliable quality, satisfactory service and top quality furniture. The company established a limited company in Singapore and Australia in year 1990 and 1995 respectively.


Airland has extended its wings to various countries across the globe, which includes Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China. The company’s scope of operations has successfully expanded from solely manufacturing and sales of household products to developer, property management, power station and toys manufacturing. 


AIRLAND endeavors to offer consumers with the most healthy, comfortable and highest quality bedding products. This goal is achieved by manufacturing and designing comfortable and elegant household products for people who desire for a quality lifestyle.


Maintaining the motto of the company “Quality makes the Brand, Technology makes the Future”. AIRLAND continues to create and supply the quality bedding products, mattresses, and premium household products. Airland mattresses are made up of skincare natural silk that provides luxurious sleep with breathable and smooth fabric.


Airland bedding products undergo three quality supervision systems to ensure the product stability and sustainability. By enjoying the benefits of nature and a good quality sleep every night, daily life becomes an everlasting accord for users. 

• Each Airland bedding were collected from at least 132 of high-quality’s rubber tree.
• Airland mattresses always use the natural fragrance latex which imported from South Asia.

• In year 1975, the company established first branch in Indonesia and Taiwan.
• Airland established its first factory in Shenzen in year 1983.


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