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Established in 1968, ANTAM was a state owned firm resulting from an amalgamation of several state-owned mining projects and companies.

Antam achieved various milestones which were recognized nationally and internationally every year through awards and accolades. Such accreditations include Indonesian Green Award, Corporate Image Award, Social Business Innovative Award, The Indonesian National Standard Award and such.

ANTAM’s main products are the high grade nickel ore, which is also known as saprolite, low grade nickel ore, which is also known as limonite, gold, ferronickel, silver, and bauxite. ANTAM’s chief services are geological services and precious metal refining.

ANTAM generates its cash by discovering and exploring mineral deposits, extracting them and handling them as correctly and economically as possible and selling them to the long term loyal consumer in Asia and Europe. The company has been doing this lucratively since its inception in 1968 and plans to enduring doing this for various years ahead.


ANTAM creates healthy cash flows, and has judicious capital management. The company became a state-controlled limited liability company in 1968 with the amalgamation of several single commodity mining companies. The main objective of company is centered on increasing shareholder value. 

ANTAM believes in proactive community development and environmental sustainability that are vital to in successfully operating a mine. Stern attention to the natural conservation efforts and proactive participation in the community development are one of the factors to successful mining processes.

• ANTAM has formed several joint ventures with international partners to profitably develop geological ore bodies into profitable mines.
• ANTAM views that sustainable development will continue to be the main agenda for national and global development. 


• Antam’s main objective is to enhance shareholder value by lowering costs while profitably expanding operations in a sustainable manner.
• By maximizing output, Antamincrease cash generation and lower unit costs.

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