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With the legacy of 75 years, Sri Lanka based AP Enterprises was founded by Ebramjee Hassanally, (Zohair H. Mohamedally). As the forerunner in marketing and importing specialty papers, boards and all other printers' essentials, the company’s expertise in the photocopy industry remains matchless.

Avalon was rewarded with ISO 9002 certification in recognition of all the awards it has received for its high standards in process and product quality. The company has created a benchmark in the industry of photocopy papers, manufactured by one of largest paper mills of South-East Asia which is pursued by demanding markets like the Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and Avalon follows the same highest standards.​


AP Enterprises controls a majority (55%) of the market share of the Photocopy Paper industry in Sri Lanka. This is through its continuous endeavor to maintain quality and through constant introduction of innovative products into the market. Its product range includes Avalon papers; spectra color papers, brilliant laser copy, plain paper copy, BILT, duplex board, newsprint paper, art paper, art board, and wood free printing paper.


Avalon is defined as a copy that fetches out the sharp clarity as the original. Through the utilization of the latest blanching technologies, its mills assure bright paper that result in the higher contrast and readability. It is the desired choice for any office equipment including ink-jet, plain paper faxing, bubble-jet and laser-jet printing and all types of photocopy machines. It guarantees a dust free and wood free paper which implies the hassle free utilization will be rest assured.

Having started the operations with an annual import of around 500 metric tons of paper, Avalon imports 6000 metric tons per annum currently. With the launch of various new brands the company was retitled to AP Enterprises in year 2010. It is now arranged successfully with the annexation of a third generation son of Ebramjee Hassanally, (Zohair H. Mohamedally). Still the company  remains a family concern successfully.

With a strict adherence policy of the highest level of expectation from the consumer, one can be assured of the excellent quality that can be obtained only with Avalon paper. The company utmost priority of company is to spread awareness for the protection of environment. As per Avalon for every 20% of trees cut down, 40% more should be planted which to maintain a balance with nature while assuring a greener future.

• Being from a business heritage, AP Enterprises has several sister companies under which the family has dwelled into different arenas of trading.
• With the introduction of several new brands the company was renamed to AP Enterprises in 2010.

• Avalon was rewarded with the certification in recognition of all the accolades it has received for its high standards in product and process quality.
• AP Enterprises controls a majority (55%) of the market share of the Photocopy Paper industry in Sri Lanka.

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