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Intouch Holdings is the leading and sustainable value creation asset management company in Telecom, Media and Technology.

The joint venture named High Shopping Co., Ltd. between Intouch Media Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Home Shopping Network Corporation, a leading home shopping company in South Korea, a register capital for the company is 500 million baht. Intouch Media holds a 51% stake while Hyundai Home Shopping holds the other 49%. The shareholding proportion in each project is targeted at 25-30% and the total investment per year is set at 200 million baht.


INTOUCH has invested in a TV home shopping business, a non-store-based retailer in Thailand via TV channel, mobile, and online platforms. It has put extensive effort to explore new business opportunities, which is the new source of revenue stream. It’s Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS successfully provides mobile business for more than 20 years and Thaicom Public Company Limited or THAICOM is the transponder leasing provider for both domestic and international market.


It uphold corporate core values that focus on integrity, teamwork, innovation, people excellence and social responsibility. It uphold professional standards of reliability, ethics and trust. They share a unique drive and work together to achieve our goals not only at INTOUCH, but in the entire INTOUCH Group. They have integrated social and environmental concerns into their business operations and are committed to creating sustainable value in society.


They strive to deliver sustainable growth and long-term value to shareholders by actively managing their existing portfolio, as well as exploring and investing in new business opportunities in Telecom, Media and Technology. They strive passionately to be the best in their professional capacities and are committed to delivering excellent results in everything they do. 


It is committed to being a good corporate citizen that improves the quality of life for all members of society and demonstrates environmental responsibility. They also promote their employees’ well-being and encourage them to realize their full potential. They believe that anyone can generate great ideas and they welcome changes and aim for continuous learning in order to realize their vision. 

• Intouch Media Co., Ltd. (Intouch Media) and South Korea-based Hyundai Home Shopping Network Corporation (Hyundai Home Shopping) established a joint venture company, namely High Shopping Co., Ltd. (High Shopping), a home-shopping business in Thailand.


Intouch Media and Kantana Group Plc. (Kantana Group) created a new experience for Thai TV viewers, producing a new TV series called Gossip Girl Thailand. It was the first launch of a full-scale second screen viewing platform in Thailand.