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NaRaYa is Thailand’s leading brand of delicately hand woven bags and accessories which have successfully over the years become one of the most recognized souvenir of Thailand. Founded in 1993 by Mr. Vassilos Lauthouras and Mrs. Wasna Roongsaenthong Lauthrouras, NaRaYa runs under NaraiIntertrade Co., Ltd. 

Over the period of 24 years, NaRaYa has been felicitated with various awards and accolades that recognize their efforts towards building a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, encouraging and safe workplace for their workers as well as for other stakeholders of the company.  In 2011, the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare awarded their factory set in Lalaud with Drugs Free Workplace- First Level Award, again in 2015, the Lalaud Factory premises was recognized on a national level by the Ministry of Industry  by Level One Green Commitment Awards and in 2016 with Level Two Green Factory Award. In the year 2013, this fort-running business was awarded with IP Champion 2011 Trademark by the Department of Intellectual Property, Thailand. 


NaRaYa is not only known for its signature handbags and accessories but is also known for its high quality kids’ products, home decorations, seasonal products, kitchenware and stationary. The brand offers over 10,000 models of handbags suitable for various purposes and functions. What started as a two square meter store that employed 15 sewing staffs has now become a billion-baht business that employs over 3000 people and 4000 sewing staffs with over 35 stores spanning over Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Supreme quality is what NaRaYa since its humble beginnings has stood for and worked for. In the development of one product, teams meticulously study, design and hand-pick fabrics and other materials required. NaRaYa’s strict and controlled sewing and quality controlled process that are supervised by specialists ensure that the final output is the epitome of quality and standards. NaRaYa commits to crafting new products that emphasize on the roots of supreme-quality, functionality and attractiveness that the company has been built on to respond to the needs of their clients both nationally and internationally. 


Evolution is at the heart of NaRaYa, they have been untiringly designing new collections, experimenting with fabrics and delivering premium-quality products that serve the needs of its customers worldwide. In addition, this champion brand strives to provide its customers with a diverse range of products. They strongly focus on their products and its quality to be purposeful and multi-functional. NaRaYa aims to deliver products that have high value for money, to support the reason mentioned, the company has deliberately set products at reasonable prices for the customers to appreciate. NaRaYa believes that this has played a huge role in the success and wide recognition of the brand.


NaRaYa employs talents from the rural villages of Thailand. To ensure that the families of their initial recruits from these villages are living in a good economic backdrop, they allow them to work in teams eradicating the need to move to cities to look for jobs. The company provides their recruits with initial level training, helping them to build a future for themselves, in turn bettering the overall economic condition of the country. NaRaYa also works under “Promote Provincial Enterprises” a government sponsored program that runs on the same principle. 

• NaRaYa is a billion-baht business that employs over 3000 people with over 35 stores spanning over Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 
• NaRaYa is a registered trademark under Narai Inter trade Co, which has over 6 factories all over Thailand.


• The brand offers over 10,000 models of handbags suit able for various purposes and functions.
• The company deliberately sets reasonable prices on its products which have proven one of the main reasons.

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