The dream of developing a steel industry in Korea marks the beginning of POSCO, which initially planned to construct a general steelworks in the 1960.

In August 2003, POSCO established the Corporate Ethics Practice Bureau as an organization for managing the ethical management to permit the ethical standards to set in as a corporate culture. It performs various other major activities in a short span of time to operate and apply ethical management systems.


POSCO never focused on the pursuit of company profits, but grow in unison with all its stakeholders throughout the firm. The company is setting its global steel leadership by further extending the steel industry in the Eurasia region that encompasses Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Far East, as well as pursuing growth in the America, which connect South America and North America.


POSCO describes sustainability as to be attaining economic performance based on the social and environmental responsibility. The company adheres to code of conduct, policies and human rights policies and, safety and health strictly, and tries to make sure that these regulations are compatible with global standards. 


Located on the power of trust, POSCO will continually strive for innovation to lead the industry of the future and enhance the lives of global citizens. Additionally, it will continue its efforts to develop high-energy efficiency and eco-friendly technologies and products that will contribute to a global sustainable development.


POSCO's trust lies in the power which formed the foundation of industrial growth of Korea based on cooperation between the stakeholders and POSCO family, including citizens, government and customers. The company strives to improve customer value through continuous innovation and product development.

• In 1967, Posco inaugurated integrated steel works project promotion committee.
• In 1994, Posco Launched Development and Pohang Iron and Steel Furnace Equipment.


• In 2006, Posco Established SNNC, a joint nickel plant corporation.
• In 2008, Posco launched POSWITH, a fully owned service company with disabled employees.


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