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Established in 2006, Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) is one of the leading paint manufacturing companies operating in India. Nippon Paint India has brought Nippon Paint’s International quality,hi-tech and eco-friendly paint products to the Indian market. Though Nippon Paint India has been in the Indian market for only 12 years, it has won a special place in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Nippon Paint is based in Japan and has over 139 years of experience in the paint industry. They are the number one paint manufacturer in Asia, and among the leading paint manufacturers in the world. They have carved out a niche for themselves in the paint industry by launching 12 products in last 3 years alone. In this very short span, they have become one of the most preferred brands among customers. Nippon Paint has recorded major achievements in cutting down pollution, reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste disposal. 


Nippon Paint produces high-quality paints with an emphasis on innovation and eco-friendliness. They are driven by the philosophy to consistently deliver painting solutions that not only serve customer’s needs, but also protect the world we live in. The company provides a wide range and displays expertise in producing appealing and safe products, apart from giving customers plenty of choices in picking the right colors for their homes. They also provide inventive coating solutions and high performances products which offer a variety of durable and weather resistance options to urban landscapes. Nippon Paint’s high-quality paints and coatings cover the automotive, industrial and decorative sectors.

Nippon Paint’s core principle is to involve innovative coatings solutions and high performance products for architectural, industrial, automotive, heavy duty coatings, marine, trade and general consumer use, while fulfilling its commitments to its customers and creating the value with which it serves humanity through outreach programs. The company is doing remarkable work with a strategic work mantra of innovation, best quality products and customer satisfaction.


Nippon Paint is a brand which not only provides the best paint solutions, but also has the mission to provide society with advanced products that improve the quality of life while protecting the environment through their innovative technologies. Their R&D team consisting of scientists, chemists and technologists are dedicated to extensive research and development in paint technologies while at the same time maintaining a fine ecological balance of protecting, beautifying and enhancing the environment. Their workers come from different backgrounds and represent diverse cultures. The values of the company focus on value creation for its customers and partners in the coating industry.  


Nippon Paint is committed to providing exceptional products to their customers and embracing values that render them an exemplary global corporate citizen. Their fundamental commitment is to become a trusted, eco-friendly company that helps in protecting the environment and save resources and energy. It stays committed to the protection of the environment in every step it takes − from product development and manufacturing to work procedures. Their mission is to give continuous focus across territories to become the most preferred paint brand in country. Their collaboration with local governments, business partners and NGOs shows their commitment to localized programs which inspire hope and empower individuals, families and communities to improve their lives in a sustainable way.  

• Nippon Paint is Asia’s Real No 1* Paint.
• Nippon Paint is a pioneer in providing customer with International quality and hi-tech paints.
• Differentiated Communication Strategy (Blobby).


• Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) has launched 12 outstanding products in the last 3 years, across various product segments.
• Nippon Paint has over 22,000 Employees and established over 79+ manufacturing facilities and operations in 17 Countries across Asia Pacific region.
• Nippon Paint has made Strategic Media Investments leading to high top of mind recall.