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Launched in 2015, Mr. Varun Moolchandani, Chief Business officer, Archies Personal Care (Archies Limited) wanted to offer an international product at an affordable price to Indian females, NOTE was the best he could opt for!

NOTE has made its remarkable presence in NYKAA, Dabur- New U, Myntra, Spencer’s and General-trade Market. Competing with the giants NOTE has made its presence felt in more than 300 outlets. Although it was a new vertical for the company, but the company was sure about its acceptance in the Indian market and now NOTE is on an average of 50% YOY growth.


Every year, NOTE focuses to introduce more than 100 new stock –keeping units in the existing portfolio, to keep itself updated with the latest trend in the industry. The matt moist lipsticks, lips glosses, terracotta blusher, smoky eye pencils are a rage in the market.If you want to buy best foundations, eye makeup products, sultriest lipsticks or colorful nail paints, shop for these NOTE cosmetics at the best prices only on Archies online.

Note Cosmetics is inspired and created by professionals who spent all their lives in Cosmetics Industries. The creators were aware of the lack of cosmetics brand that has the highest standards product with affordable prices, Note products are multipurpose. While Note Cosmetics are reaching every women needs with its dynamic and enthusiastic features of the high quality products, they are presenting wide range products having rich natural ingredients that reliable and certificated by dermatologists.


NOTE has the best formulations from Europe, to match its quality and prices. Hence, these products will perfectly blend with your skin and enhance your beauty for sure. These makeup products not only give you glowing skin, but moisture and protect your skin with its sun protection formula. Yes, each and every product of NOTE Cosmetics instead of giving you complete nourishment uplifts your mood.


Their motto is to strengthen the make-up products with skincare technologies, never compromising the quality & always developing new lines. They merged the notes in the nature and latest technologies, accessible for every woman who wants to have best version of themselves.

• None of their products go through experiments on animals. They produce trustworthy and innovative products, respecting values of any belief.
• NOTE has made its presence felt in more than 300 outlets.


• Sold in 70+ countries around the world and now available in the India, the beauty industry is talking NOTE.