BARC Asia​

Mr. Soegiarto Adikoesoemo, businessman & entrepreneur from Surabaya started AKRin 1960; later the company moved its headquarters to Jakarta in 1985.

AKR is proud to recognize as the best and receive numerous national and international accolades and awards every year. Some of them include best wealth creator award, annual report awards, economic review award, best investor relation award, MNC business award, best selected company for trade and service and many more.


AKR’s business is prearranged in 3 major sectors and divisions are structured into Business Units designed to provide quality services, better accountability and faster decisions.The company operates 130 AKR brand petrol stations currently that sell high quality gasoline and diesel to fishermen and motorists inSumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi islands.

AKR is one of the Indonesian companies that extended on the investments in China, realizing the remarkable potential provided by building Khalista Liuzhou Chemical Industries, a Sorbitol manufacturing plant in 1994 in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province.  


AKR became the first private sector company in 2005 to commence Petroleum distribution business importing the primary cargo of Petroleum products from Singapore on 1st October 2005 right after the government deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. 


The company is concerned about the society and its impact while steering its business and looking forward to add corporate social value by enhancing education, empowering environmental development and refining the quality of life of its employees, staff and those affected by its operations in the surrounding communities.

• AKR is now known as a leading provider of third party logistics services, supply chain infrastructure in Indonesia.
• In 2011, AKR along with its joint venture partner, Royal Vopak, commissioned the largest independent petroleum storage terminal.


• AKR continues to constantly improve its operations while providing Strong Stable and Sustainable return to its stakeholders.
• The Company also gives one-year scholarships to its employees' children who perform well in their schools.


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