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Steeped in rich history and armed with master blending expertise across generations, The Hillcart Tales traces its roots over a hundred and twenty years. The rolling hills and the walk through gardens of fresh green leaves developed a deep love for tea in Ashutosh Ghosh. His travails through the meandering HillCart Road from Darjeeling sparked the entrepreneur in him. Drawing from his inspiration Ashutosh nurtured the spark into a glowing flame as he travelled far and wide across the globe studying distinctive characters of teas. He meticulously developed blends that harmonized nuances of one tea with another.

Ashutosh Ghosh nurtured his vision to bring the best of the world together and to offer exquisite blends to aficionados worldwide. His return to his roots to old British Calcutta was the beginning of an era with the British giving an impetus to tea trade in India during the late 1800s. The journey of sourcing and blending rare teas led to his establishment as an eminent trader.

A.Tosh & Sons (India) Limited, today is a leading exporter of fine blended teas to renowned buyers across more than 40 destinations across the globe.

The cornerstones of the business are trust and excellence; two words that truly describe the ethos of the company.

Born in a distinctive era yet crafted for the modern connoisseur, The Hillcart Tales is armed with the rich heritage of 121 years of master blending experience; an ode to the legacy of expertise in tea sourcing and fine blending.


The teas celebrates the extraordinary journey of The Hillcart Tales. Each of their variants adds its own unique exceptional depth.

Hillcart Tales today offers a wide range of premium luxury teas, both as tea bags and in loose leaf variants. Presented in packs of 7’s and 14’s that suits the modern explorer, the travel and weekly packs are for  all who seeking new adventures in the world of rich teas.

Their packaging is a celebration of art blends in harmony with strategic hues tied to its origin like green for mint tea and a burst of colour for exotic teas. Tracing tea origins, each stroke of paint describes the story of tea pickers celebrating artistry through an engaging packaging

Each delicately crafted artisan tea bags comes with a coaster and with a quote tucked in to brighten the mood.

Hillcart Tales cherishesits legacy and their rare tea blends have been a part of their heritage. As a tribute to celebrate this richness of culture, they treasure the role that tea cultivation plays in individual and community enrichment. They support growth in promoting traditional skills and expertise, access to education and training and the preservation of environment. Sourcing ideal ingredients that bring a complexity with health benefits in every one of rare tea blends, they continually strive to be ethically, socially and globally conscious. Their environment friendly muslin tea bags are hand crafted under strict hygiene standards and have been able to provide employment to a significant section of underprivileged women for the same. 

It has automated machines installed at the facilities that require very little human intervention. The blending machines at the units are completely mechanized and equipped with de-stoners, dust and fiber extractors, strong 12,000 to 15,000 gauge magnets to eliminate iron filings. In addition, there are automated stretch-wrap machines and pallet loaders too.

Hillcart Tales  individually-packaged tea bags sealed at source using a natural hydrogen flush keeps the tea fresh. This technique protects tea from oxygen, light, heat and moisture – elements that compromise the integrity of the tea, causing deterioration and loss of flavor, thereby maintaining its freshness and aroma.


The Hillcart Tales packaging depicts hand painted watercolors inspired by 37 generations of a renowned traditional Rajput artistic lineage. Their teas are packed in individually handcrafted muslin bags. Tracing tea origins, each stroke of paint describes the story of tea pickers celebrating artistry through an engaging packaging. Their master blendersweave their magic delving into the finest details into these 32 variants of Green, Black, Infusions and Exotic Teas, building structure, form and meaning into every sip to be savored.


Their mission is to strive complete honesty in all that they do. It is this quality that assures the highest level of service and plays the pivotal role in building partnerships with its clients and employees, globally. They have presented to their customers an unforgettable, spellbinding symphony of flavours, unique to The Hillcart Tales. They believe world’s finest teas and blends should be an everyday luxury that celebrates sophistication, tranquillity and good health. 

• The finest quality leaves are sourced from select gardens after thoroughly examining for suppleness and freshness.
• Strong associations with brands like the Oberoi, Taj, Trident, Crowne Plaza who are major players in the Indian Hospitality Market.


• It is armed with the rich heritage of 121 years of master blending experience.
• The careful selection of these choicest leaves forms the constancy and originality of the Hillcart Tales teas.