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Toyota Motor Corporations (TMC) is a Japanese multi-national automotive manufacturer established on August 28, 1937.

Toyota has won numerous awards and accolades for quality, durability, style and safety reasons along with being one of the most trusted and innovative automobile manufacturers. Toyota is the worldwide partner of the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee through the end of 2024.


The company now sells 33 models of hybrid cars in 90 countries addition to commercial, fuel cells, MPV/Vans, Cars and SUV vehicles which are sold in over 170 countries.Toyota vehicles are produced in 53 plants spreading to 28 countries. Toyota’s expertise expands into a variety of other fields, including housing, financial services, e-Toyota, housing, marine products, bio-technology & afforestation, energy and powertrain unit sales.

Toyota is taking great steps to develop eco-cars which are great help in leading towards a low-carbon emission society. Hybrid Vehicles, high fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emission with powerful driving performance; Electric Vehicles, powered by electricity; Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles, hybrid vehicles with charging functions added, runs using both electricity and gasoline; Fuel Cell Vehicles, operates by converting hydrogen fuel into electricity.


Toyota Motor Corporation started an automobile technical training course in Japan with the aim of helping the Brazilian community in the country, who find it difficult to adjust to Japanese schools because of the language barrier. The Global Production Centre (GPC) is a human resource development training program that prepares supervisors and trainers at overseas bases, as well as employees, assistants and supervisors from Toyota’s headquarters who are going abroad. 


Toyota’s ultimate goal is zero causality from traffic accidents, to achieve that, the company is promoting the Integrated Three Part Initiative involving, people, vehicles and the traffic environment and incorporating learning from actual accidents into vehicle development. As a step to achieve the aim, TMC launched Toyota Safety Sense a collision avoidance safety package. 

• TMC has been producing over 10 million vehicles each year since 2012.
• Toyota vehicles are produced in 53 plants spreading to 28 countries and regions.


• It is the ninth-largest company in the world by revenue.