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Brand Advertising Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (BARC) is a research-based consultancy leveraging an array of services to global brands with expertise in crafting branding solutions and analysis of brand equity, marketing campaigns, market research, product development and content marketing, with a blend of innovation for growth in various industries.

Baidu, whose literal meaning is "hundreds of times," represents a persistent search for the ideal. Baidu was co-founded in 2000 by Internet pioneer Robin Li, creator of visionary search technology.

With the world's largest Internet user population, China's Internet industry is booming. Baidu continues to innovate to meet changing needs and diverse tastes. They aim to serve the needs of users and customers with products and solutions that prioritize the user experience and reflect the corporate culture, simple and reliable.


With tremendous opportunity to service users outside China, in markets such as Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand, their international products gained traction, with 260 million monthly active users. In addition to our core web search product, they also have community-based products including Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Knows and Baidu Encyclopedia. Beyond these marquee products they also offer dozens of popular vertical search-based products.

In the mobile era, mobile search, maps and app distribution are large scale, Baidu grows and evolves by connecting users with both information and services, enabling users to complete closed loop transactions and providing local merchants across multiple industry verticals with an integrated online marketing and transaction services solution.


Online marketing services and display advertisements through both organic Baidu websites and affiliated website partners (Baidu Union) direct traffic by integrating a Baidu search box into their websites and/or by displaying relevant contextual promotional links for customers.


They are committed to provide the most equitable way for people to find what they're looking for and provide intelligent, relevant search results for the tens of billions of queries entered in the search platform daily.

• Baidu Knows is the world's largest Chinese-language interactive knowledge-sharing platform.


• Baidu Encyclopedia is largest user-generated Chinese-language encyclopedia.