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China Gas Holdings Limited, one of the largest trans-regional energy service enterprises is also a gas operator and service provider in China.

They are primarily engaged in the investment, construction and operation of city gas pipeline infrastructure facilities, gas terminals, storage and transportation facilities, transmission of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) to residential, industrial and commercial users, construction and operation of gas refilling stations as well as development and application of technologies.


The Group has secured 330 city piped gas projects, 14 long-distance natural gas pipeline projects, 580 CNG/LPG refilling stations for vehicles, 1 coal bed methane development project and 92 LPG distribution projects in 25 provinces.

With the long-term and steady growth in LPG utilization in industrial and commercial markets, and especially as a chemical raw material in petrochemical synthesis and deep-processing sector, LPG industry has confronted with a rare development opportunity making full use of its existing LPG terminals, storage facilities and fleets of vessels and vehicles to boost international and domestic purchases of LPG.


Upon communication with the governmental departments at all levels and industrial and commercial users living in the regions where the projects were located, the Group initiated price pass-through mechanism and raised natural gas sales price to maintain a reasonable price difference.


They have connected gas supply to a total of 20,681,656 households and 149,372 industrial and commercial users selling a total of 12.4 billion cubic meters of piped gas.

• They obtained approvals from the local governments in 57% of the cities and established a residential gas tier-pricing system.


• They had a 23.8% year-on-year growth.
• They have 8 LPG terminals with storage facilities of over 300,000m3 covering in 16 provinces.