Digi is part of global telecommunications provider Telenor Group and is mobile connectivity and internet services provider.

Digi. Com Berhad is listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and is a part of the global telecommunications provider, Telenor Group. Its mobile service operations are undertaken by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd. It is the first digital mobile communications service in Malaysia.


With 22 years of experience and turnover of RM5.91 billion they enable 11.7 million Malaysian subscribers and 2000 digizens to get the most benefit out of an increasingly connected world.

They work hard to transform the business and take the necessary digital leaps to innovate and evolve around what our customers increasingly want to become our customers’ favourite digital partner. Continuing to deliver the fundamentals on which the business is built on, their future-forward actions positions Digi well to compete, grow and outpace this new data-centric digital world and maintaining their position in the industry.


With a strong legacy of product and services innovation, they strive to deliver and become Malaysians’ favourite digital life partner in providing relevant, personalized and engaging digital services that will enable all Malaysians’ digital lifestyles experiencing the spectacular 4G+ network. They strongly believe digital communication empowers everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for all.


DiGi’s aspiration is to be a digital inspirer for all Malaysians’ and to build a equipped and empowered digital community for a secure future. This has led them to align their sustainable agenda to UN’s Sustainable goals. They have prioritized Reducing Inequalities with a belief to deliver an impactful contribution.

• Digi commenced operations in May 1995 when it launched its fully digital GSM1800 services.


• Yellow Heart is their initiative which is committed to keeping citizens and children safe through responsible digital usage and ensure that everyone is empowered with access to the Internet to reduce inequality.


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