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JG Summit, founded in 1957, is one of the largest and most diversified Filipino conglomerates, engaged primarily in businesses that serve a growing middle class with rising disposable incomes in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and Australasia.

JG Summit has pioneered breakthroughs, broadened its enterprise, and stayed at the forefront in every phase of the country’s rise to development. It also helped individuals who strived for the good life. In Philippine business they have for their cornerstone a business portfolio of market leaders, a solid financial position, a formidable management team, and a vision of leading the country to global competitiveness and making life better for every Filipino.


They have invested in the entrepreneur, who invested in agribusiness and the manufacture of feeds and prime food commodities; the visionary, who channeled resources and expanded into financial services, textile and property, all backbones of a growing economy; the captain of industry, who invested in power, telecommunications, petrochemicals, cement, and air transportation, all requisites for industrialization; the innovator, who continually provides value and fun in snacking; and the new regional multinational, who has embraced the challenge of global competitiveness with zeal.

JG Summit Petrochemicals is the country’s first and only integrated petrochemical manufacturing operation.


Its largest subsidiary, Universal Robina Corporation, is one of the fastest growing snack-food and beverage companies in the ASEAN region, serving well-loved quality products with great value for money. Cebu Pacific Air is the Philippines’ first budget airline and its largest domestic airline carrier.


They build a culture that thrives on collaboration and innovation to meet constantly changing consumer needs. They make products of the highest standards.

• JG Summit started when Universal Corn Products, Inc. was established to operate a cornstarch plant in Pasig.


• They were awarded one of the 50 best publicly traded companies in Asia.