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Established in 2007 by the President and Brand Director, Mr. Vikash Agarwal, Macroman M-Series is the second largest brand of premium Innerwear and Sportswear netting a major marketshare in the segment in India.

Rupa & Co. Ltd., the parent company was incorporated in 1968 in India. With attributes like quality, design and durability, they push the boundaries in material and design innovation along with considerable research to maximise their global identity for their product line of innerwear, sportswear and athleisure collection. The company has evolved in the global markets with a capacity to produce 700,000 pieces of finished goods daily with the finest yarn imported from across the world to maintain competitive quality standards.


With headquarters in Kolkata and over 2000 employees, the company strives to deliver top-notch fashion innerwear with unique micro-nylon waistbands, cotton-stretch material, 4-way stretch fabric and cooling mesh. With a turnover of more than ₹1100 crore, the brand constantly grew each year, setting new milestones at every step. With imported technology, the Macroman M-Series offers 100% quality assurance that matched international quality standards. With brand retailers and distributors spread across the country, they have experienced massive growth and expansion in urban India.

The Macroman M-Series has grown to be a formidable player in India thanks to its customer-centricity and consistent enhancement in the product portfolio. The M-Series is for those who set trends rather than follow them. Through marketing and celebrity endorsements, they connect with bold, young millenials who make unconventional choices and follow modern philosophies. Ranbir Kapoor is the current ambassador, given that he is a youth icon and a bold personality living unapologetically. He embodies an exemplary blend of both style and quality performance making him the ideal choice to represent the Macroman M-Series.


Promising innovation in design, the brand keeps updating itself to meet changing fashion trends. With 100% quality assurance, comfort meets class with their stylish designs. Being customer-centric is their primary principle, which helps them, deliver fashion-forward products that meet international standards. They work diligently to enable an evolving production pattern that delivers durable, comfort-driven products, styled by top-notch designers using superior fabrics like Supima Cotton and Lenzing Micro Modal fabric, accompanied by technology from around the world inspired by current trends.


The brand invests generously in research with the intent to revolutionise the segment. They commit to the environment by producing eco-friendly clothes that help minimise the carbon footprint. The Macroman M-Series urges its customers to Live Open and on their own terms. They believe in constant engagement with the youth through events, social media, outdoor media and TVCs. The brand aligns itself with those who believe in breaking societal stereotypes and embracing themselves. The company extensively contributes towards education by collaborating with various schools and healthcare by providing financial aid and donations to hospitals. They proactively cater to the issue of safe drinking water and public hygiene too.

• Macroman M-Series comprises of the widest range of highly-styled briefs and vests in multiple collections serving diverse needs.
• The tagline 'Live Open' is an ode to trendsetters who define their own terms of living.


A few of their many awards are:
• The Extraordinaire Award, Brand Vision Summit 2019.
• Promising Brand 2018, Economic Times of India.
• World's Greatest Brands Asia - GCC Awards 2015.