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Moutai is highly regarded amongst people in Asia, is a prestigious gift and is a traditional drink to have with Chinese food, the same way one would enjoy high-quality Sake with Japanese food.

Made of organic sticky sorghum (similar to wheat), it takes five years to produce one bottle of Moutai. It is distilled 9 times and then aged 3 years in ceramic pots. The production cycle mirrors the Chinese lunar calendar. It is a complex beverage with a truly unique taste and history.


For over 2000 years it has been produced in the Guizhou Province of China. Generations and generations of families have passed down the secrets of its highly intricate production methods, which has earned it the reputation as China’s best quality and most fascinating spirit. People who work to produce Moutai usually spend their whole lives perfecting their craft.

The unprecedented craftsmanship put into creating each bottle of Maotai causes it to be a symbol of excellence and opulence. Moutai has been used in official occasions at feasts and state banquets with foreign heads of state and distinguished guests visiting China. 


Due to its restricted regionality, and inability to be replicated anywhere else, it is a limited resource. The Chinese government ensures no chemical factories can open near the ‘Fine Wine River’ which runs through the town. The water from this river is crucial to the distillation process.


Moutai is a product of natural fermentation without artificial additives, certified in China as a green organic product.

• Moutai can only be produced in the town of Moutai.


• It’s the only alcoholic beverage presented as an official gift by Chinese embassies.