As the locomotive of the national economy Pertamina is a state-owned company engaged in the energy sector including oil, gas and new and renewable energy.

Pertamina works hard in building the nation through strengthening its commitment in the fields of New and Renewable Energy and Business Diversification. This commitment is demonstrated through the provision of more quality products to meet the demands of consumers for superior products. Pertamina to strengthen its steps and strives with optimism to create sustainable business growth for the Company through investment and business optimization in order to continue growth in line with the expectations of all stakeholders.


The logo denotes the shape of arrows depicting the aspirations of Pertamina to continually move forward, to be advanced and to be progressive. Three-colored elements symbolize the islands with various sizes forming the shape of Indonesia.

Pertamina as the sole producer of Asphalt in Indonesia with the capacity of production reaching 600,000 MT / year has a wide distribution network with local distributors reaching all regions of Indonesia. Pertamina is a major producer of Processing Oil namely Paraffinic Oil and Aromatic Oil. These products are mainly used for Tire Industries and some industrial solvents related to Ink Manufacturing for both Manual and Automatic Printing.


Smooth Fluid is a fluid used in drilling operations. Derived from oil fractions, Pertamina Smooth Fluid has good stability at any operating conditions and environmentally friendly. 


The implementation of corporate social responsibility has the primary purpose of ensuring that the social interests of various stakeholders can be fulfilled for people living around the Company’s working environments.

• They follow 6C values; Clean, Competitive, Confident, Customer-focused, Commercial and Capable.


• Pertamina Smooth Fluids are widely used by leading global operators.


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