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Producing some of the best-known kretek (clove) brand families, Sampoerna is a subsidiary of PT Philip Morris Indonesia (PMID) and also the leading tobacco company in Indonesia.

Sampoerna is the leading tobacco company in Indonesia which produces some of the best-known clove brand families, such as Sampoerna A, Sampoerna Kretek, Sampoerna U and the legendary "King of Kretek", Dji Sam Soe. In addition to its owned manufacturing facilities, Sampoerna partners with 38 third-party operators (TPOs) to produce Sampoerna’s SKT products.


Sampoerna’s experienced management team leverages global best practices and world-class systems to lead its 28,212 permanent employees. Sampoerna also partners with 38 Third Party Operators throughout Java which collectively employ about 39,200 people in producing Sampoerna’s Hand-Rolled Kretek Cigarettes (SKT). They sell and distribute cigarettes through 106 sales and distribution centers across Indonesia.

Sampoerna implemented a partnership program called "the Integrated Production Systems" through tobacco suppliers who establish direct contracts with tobacco farmers. Farmers are provided with technical, financial and social support, ranging from planning, farming, to sales.


Headquartered in Surabaya and with a representative office in Jakarta, the Company produces its cigarettes in seven owned manufacturing facilities including two Machine-Made Kretek Cigarette (SKM) production facilities in Pasuruan (East Java) and Karawang (West Java), and five Hand-Rolled Kretek Cigarette (SKT) production facilities: three in Surabaya and one each in Malang and Probolinggo.


They support various Corporate Social Responsibility programs, with the objective of raising living standards in areas where our employees live and work and farmers source tobacco. Each CSR initiative is designed to exert a direct and sustainable impact on beneficiaries.

• Sampoerna is dedicated to uphold the values stated in the 'Three Hands Philosophy'.


• Sampoerna led the cigarette market with a 33.0% market share.