SM founder Henry Sy, Sr. has laid the foundation and piloted the development and evolution of SM Investments Corporation (SM) into one of the largest holding companies in the Philippines.

SM is a leading Philippine company that is invested in retail, banking and property. It also invests in ventures that can capture the high growth opportunities in the emerging Philippine economy. It looks for market leaders or those with potential to become leaders in their chosen sectors that offer synergies and attractive returns.


SM owns 50% of property conglomerate SM Prime Holdings (SM Prime) which operates malls nationwide and in China, providing a fully integrated shopping, dining and entertainment experience. It holds 77% of SM Retail, 44% of BDO Unibank, Inc., the country’s largest bank, and 20% in China Banking Corporation, the first privately-owned commercial bank in the Philippines.

Aside from malls and residences, SM Prime owns Tagaytay Highlands, an upscale residential development and golf resort, and also owns Pico de Loro, a large-scale ecotourism and leisure project. The company has hotels in Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, and Manila and convention centers in Taguig, Bacolod, Davao and Manila.


Through careful planning and execution, SM takes inspiration from its millions of stakeholders whose lives are shaped by constant desire for a better quality of life. It fulfills a catalyst role expanding its core businesses, generating employment and overall progress in its host communities. With the ability to deliver steady high earnings and asset growth, sound financial management and long-term sustainability, it creates value for all its stakeholders.


SM stands firm in its commitment toward change by promoting more value and greater convenience, stimulating growth and inspiring millions toward realizing their lifelong dreams.

• They celebrated 60 years in 2018.


• They raised over USD500 million and was largest IPO in 2005.


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