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CEAT accelerates movement with the finest tires known for their tough, smooth and secure grip on roads. It manufactures high-performance world-class radials for a wide variety of vehicles.


Characterized by rigid tread blocks, CEAT Car & SUV tires not only looks sturdy, but actually ensures better control. These four wheeler tires enhances on-road and off-road stability and protects from cuts and stone drilling.

CEAT is committed to providing eco-friendly products with low fuel consumption, through cutting-edge technology challenging conventional means.


CEATaims to ensure the sustainable development of the company and society at large through social interventions which will in turn help CEAT earn social trust through its business operations and through activities that would transcend their business and make broader social contribution.


CEAT is committed to using least materials of petroleum origin by improved functionality and optimum usage of recycled materials. “Green steps” are accelerated to minimize carbon footprint by engaging with renowned experts. The new materials and product concepts designed targeting the basic philosophy of product safety; life, grip and sustainability pose new challenges in process & equipment design through approaches of industrialization of new products and process control.


One of India’s leading tire manufacturers, CEAT manufactures high performance world class radial tires for a range of vehicles. CEAT is built on a corporate ethos of reliability, dynamism and toughness. 

• Better wet grip.
• Better braking and handling at high speed.
• Longer tire life.


• Low noise and better traction.
• Better fuel efficiency.