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Founded in 1958, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) is one of the fifteen IITs set up in the country with the objective of making higher education, research and training in various fields of Science and Technology.


IITs were announced as Institutes of National Importance by the Indian Parliament in 1961. IITB has received several governmental delegations from across the world for in their collaborative efforts in research and education. IIT Bombay is a NAAC Accredited institute.

IITB offers intensive doctoral degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Technology. Since the institute’s establishment over 50,000 engineers and scientists have successfully graduated from the institute.


The programmes of the institution extend beyond the physical sciences and engineering. IITB also offers programmes in Economics, English, Philosophy, Sociology and Management courses and also organizes advanced short-term courses.


The institute has through the years built repute for research and education globally. IIT Bombay is committed to conducting basic and long-term research in frontier areas that can be developed to be the foundation of the nation’s economic growth. The Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC) funds the research and industrial collaborations of the institution.


The institute is committed to providing world-class facilities to train students who can be the source of new ideas and revolutions in the field of science and technology. The institutions mission is to produce an environment in which ideas can flourish and provide research and development.

• Every year, the institute admits an average of 880 candidates for undergraduate programmes, 280 students for M.Sc. programmes and 1000 candidates for post-graduate programs. 


• The institute has a total of 14 departments, 18 centres, one school and four interdisciplinary programmes.