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Founded in 1853, the Motul brand was created with the fundamental vision of developing and distributing the highest quality performance lubricants. With a history and presence of 165 years, Motul is a pioneer in synthetic and high performance lubricants with a global presence that spans Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.


Inspired by 300 victories on the racetrack, the 300V was born in 1971, becoming the very first fully synthetic oil on the global market. Supported by a worldwide network of offices and production facilities, a strong research & development team comprising of some of the world’s top engineering experts and a comprehensive sales and marketing team, Motul has earned every bit of its outstanding recognition and global status amongst major manufacturers. Motul products are manufactured in India at ALSL’s high tech, state-of-the-art, in-house plant at Silvassa. With partnerships with many leading OEM’s, the complete range of Motul products are marketed across India through a robust distribution network and a dedicated sales and marketing team of ALSL.   

Motul’s reputation as the provider of top quality automotive lubricants has grown extensively since its inception 165 years ago in the year 1853. Motul products are now distributed in more than 160 countries worldwide with 35 regional hubs (of which 8 are manufacturing facilities) and 2 research and development centers in France and Japan. Motul products are available in India since year 2003 through Atlantic Lubricants & Specialities Pvt Ltd ( ALSL ). ALSL has a Technology License Agreement with Motul for manufacturing and marketing its products in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.  


Throughout history and countless milestones, Motul is constantly guided by six values which have shaped it to become one of the leading lubricant brands today: AUTHENTIC- Remaining true to ourselves since 1853, SPECIALIST- They foster ingenuity by sharing their state-of-the-art knowledge with valued partners, PREMIUM- they never compromise on quality as they shape this sheer reality beyond industry standards, INGENIOUS-they believe in ingenuity as they go beyond technical skills, seeking to get around even seemingly impossible constraints, PASSIONATE-To be committed to achieve the impossible, and invariably spark passion in others, BROTHERLY-they inspire a community of passionate challengers, an inclusive clan where everyone has a right to be ingenious.


After extensive testing in the toughest racing conditions such as endurance racing, rallies and sprints, the know-how is then transferred to Motul’s technical experts who continuously seek ways to improve oil formulations. Today, Motul’s 300V lubricants for cars and motorcycles are formulated with the proprietary ESTERCore® technology, and are widely recognized to be the reference in motorsports. A trusted lubricant specialist, Motul is well sought after for exclusive OEM partnerships.


The iconic 300V lubricant has opened many doors for Motul, establishing close relationships with leading factory and satellite racing teams alike and most importantly, helping them to further their technological expertise in motorsports. Motul supports teams in some of the toughest international competitions today –24 Hours of Le Mans (cars and motorcycles), FIA World Endurance Championship, Super GT, Drift, Pikes Peak, Japanese Super Formula, Blancpain Endurance Series, Dakar, Tour Auto, Le Mans Classic, MotoGP™, World Superbike, World MX, FIM Endurance World Championship, IOM TT, FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators World Championship, Roof of Africa and scores of others.

• It LaunchedMotul300V², uses renewable base oils and a common engine oil for both On-road & Off-road applications.
• 1958  :– Launch of Motul Century - first multigrade lubricant on the market.
• 1966  :- Launch of Motul Century 2100 - first semi synthetic lubricant for cars.
• 1971  :- Launch of Motul 300V - first fully synthetic 4-Stroke lubricant based on Esters.


• In 2016 it Launched the first ever Hybrid range on the market.