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Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is a British motorcycle manufacturing company which was founded in 1983 by John Bloor with its headquarters in Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK. It gained the name rights after the end of the original company, Triumph Engineering Co Ltd.

Over the years Triumph Motorcycles has become a legendary bike and has received cult status and is one of world’s largest motorbike manufacturing company. It is available in a variety of models like Daytona 750, Trophy 900, Trophy 1200, Trophy SE, Thunderbird 900, Rocket Models etc.

The Triumph Bonneville is a motorbike that has a parallel – twin four stroke engine and manufactured across three generations. It has been one of their most popular models. The first two generations was manufactured by Triumph Engineering and the third series by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.


Thunderbird 900 is one of their hugely popular models which had a lively engine and could perform all kinds of riding style. It had an engine capacity of 885 cc with a power of 68hp and was launched in 1995. Since then they have  also launched Thunderbird Sports 900.


Rocket III is a long distance touring cruiser bike with an engine capacity of 2294 cc. It has the largest displacement engine of any production motorcycle. Later it introduced models like Rocket III Classic, Rocket III Roadster & Rocket III Touring.


Triumph continuously aims to provide its customer base with the best riding experience. For this purpose they are continuously striving to upgrade their products with new innovations and technology. In 2017m their revenue increased by almost 22%.

• Triumph falls in the category of legendary bikes.


• Triumph sold more than 63,000 bikes from June 2016-June 2017.