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The foundation of a new era in the segment is dated back to 1916 with the birth of the BMW Group.

Triumph of Celebration:
They use ergonomic solutions to lend a helping hand to their workers. They use intelligent energy data management for sustainable production. The thermoplastic outer skin of BMW i3 is 50% lighter and robust. With a vision of leading in electro mobility, they delivered 100,000 cars nationwide in2017 and lived up to their quoted statement “We just don’t make promises, we deliver.”

Brand Quotient:
With a constant focus on the premium segment, this luxuriant has 129,932 employees with 30 production locations across 14 assembly centres countries, 2,463,546 automobiles & 164,653 motorcycles delivered, they have global sales network in 140 countries. Some of their celebrated automobiles are Rolls Royce Motors, The BMW 8 series, The BMW i3, and a lot more.

They are innovation leaders with an intelligent material mix leading towards a technological shift to digitalisation and resource-efficient production. With Efficient Dynamics they implement sustainable mobility steadily reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Cutting Edge:
They are expanding from nine electrically powered models to 25 in 2025 including the BMW i8 Roadster, a battery operated MINI and the BMW X3. They have created a project BMW Vision E3 Way where the three Es stand “electric”, “elevated” and “efficient”, the core themes of the project addressing traffic congestion and air pollution in megacities.

Brand Commitments:
They deployed the first 40 ton truck which is quiet, CO2 neutral and generates no particle pollution. They believe in innovation with creative interaction for 3D development through virtual reality and robots make learning fun.

Brand Facts:
The BMW IIIA was the first aircraft with aluminium pistons.

Master Stroke:

First worldwide manufacturer to use lightweight carbon in large series production.

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