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Bridgestone is Japan’s largest tyre manufacturer, founded by Shojiro Ishibashi anticipating the potential of tyres for passenger cars in 1931.

Triumph of Celebration:
The Bridgestone group commit to support global communities with advancing innovative technologies. They follow the ULTIMAT EYE technology to visualize contact patch of the tyre, the Non Pneumatic tyre technology supporting weight with unique structure of spokes and the sensing technology of tyres for safety driving experience.

Brand Quotient:
Eternally committed to serving society with superior quality products, in 2001 they adopted a new philosophy of building trust and pride with their global stakeholders, customers and neighbouring communities. For consumers they manufacture passenger tyres, cycle tyres, motorcycle tyres and golf products; for business purposes they provide special tyres, diversified tyres, air craft tyres, commercial tyres and off the road tyres.

The Bridgestone Essence is a sustained commitment demonstrated by the employees to consumers to provide world class services and products. Their framework is based on the foundation of Seijitsu-Kyocho, Shinshu-Dokuso and Genbutsu-Genba which simply mean integrity & teamwork, creative pioneering and decision making on the basis of feedback.

Cutting Edge:
The Bridgestone Invitational is one of the only four prestigious golf tournaments which contributed by raising money for local charities. They organize Global Auto Show, a motor show with hope to deliver advanced technology worldwide. Bridgestone Corporation is acclaimed to be the top official Olympic partner through 2024 Olympic Games.

Brand Commitments:
Bridgestone and its teammates globally employ innovation and technology to elevate the way people move, live, work and play. They dedicate their talents to accelerate sustainable mobility innovations and create a healthy environment for current and future generation.

Brand facts:
Bridgestone is an English translation of the founder’s surname Ishibashi.

Master Stroke:

They are proud sponsors for Bridgestone World Solar Challenge race.

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