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Google Pixel

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Google Pixel is a line of consumer electronic devices developed by Google introduced in February 2013. The Pixel line includes laptop, smartphones and tablets with Chrome or Android operating system along with several accessories.

Triumph to Celebration:
The Pixel 3 has a 5.5” display and the Pixel 3XL has a 6.3” display in the latest smartphone range with 12.2 MP dual cameras, dual front firing stereo speakers, and compatible with VR in a range of subtle colours  like black, white and lightest shade of pink. The Pixel Stand was introduced for fast and wireless charging. Google Pixel is a luxury consumer electronics brand.

Brand Quotient:
Google Pixel uses the Android operating system or the Chrome operating system which is available in India and across Europe including Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Korea and many more. They have sold 2.5 million units of smartphones at the time of the launch.

Pixel Slate was the first tablet powered by Intel processors. It has RAM options from 4GB to 16GB. Pixel Buds are ear buds for audios, answering calls with translation available for 40 languages. Google home and Chromecast use the consumer’s voice for online streaming.

Cutting Edge:
They have developed unlimited photo storage keeping every memory intact and accessible. The battery life is long-lasting even when the data and display is active solving our day to day complains. Switching phones is easier with their innovative Quick Switch Adapter.

Brand Commitments:
The Google Pixel products are designed to make life easier and comfortable with innovation and continuous advancement. They are available in major retail outlets and shopping portals.

Brand facts:
Google Pixel was introduced with First Generation Chromebook Pixel.

Master Stroke:
Pixel smartphones are Virtual reality compatible giving an experience of seamless streaming, gaming or reaching a serene destination.