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Siemens is a pioneer for energy solutions, automation and software. The long term commitment with India began in 1864 when Werner Von Siemens personally set the telegraph in between Calcutta and London.

Triumph of Celebration:
They are involved in the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme of the Government of India for installing smart grid solutions in multiple cities. They also signed a memorandum of understanding with Confederation of Indian Industry to be the lead industry partner in a consortium for the conceptualisation and development of smart cities.

Brand Quotient:
Siemens has 22 factories, 8 centres of competence, 11 R&D centres and nationwide sales and operation network. They have more than 16,000 employees and revenues of Rs 108,089 million making them a global powerhouse.

With global demand for energy growing fast, with innovation and ingenuity Siemens envision a sustainable energy future. With automation, electrification and digitalization Siemens improves the quality of life. Innovative solutions helps the cities from around the world meet challenges like urbanization, climate change and globalization.

Cutting Edge:
In 2007, Siemens completed 50 years of incorporation in India and strengthened their digitization portfolio along with flagship projects like Mobility, Energy Management, Power & Gas, Healthcare and Smart Financing. Their factories replicate best in class manufacturing systems which have the facility to overhaul gas turbines, compressor blades and rotors.

Brand Commitments:
They develop skills with Corporate Citizenship initiatives like Technical skills development centre and scholarship programs for meritorious engineering students. They have initiatives for sustainable community development in rural areas. A few initiatives like rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plants, etc allow consumers to benefit energy costs and improved living standards.

Brand Facts:
Siemens has the expertise to ensure stable, efficient and sustainable power supply.

Master Stroke:

They have contributed in The Rapid MetroRail Project.