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India, the third largest producer of salt in the world and TATA ranks 2nd in India. Over the last two decades they lived the claim “Desh Ka Namak.”

Triumph of celebration:
Tata Salt is a market leader with share of 24.7% in the national branded salt category. They have consistently delivered health aware products and splendid quality salt. Innovatively addressing to the future needs Tata Salt has launched an array of products like Tata Salt Lite (low sodium salt), Tata Salt Plus (iron fortified salt) and sprinklers like black and rock salt.

Brand Quotient:
It contains adequate amount of iodine as prescribed by the FSSAI for iodised salt. Salt is essential and has over 14,000 uses and Tata ensure purity. Tata Salt aims to improve the nation’s health and live upto their promise of “Desh ki sehat, Desh ka Namak.” Producing over 70,000 metric tonnes of salt and serving across 135 million households they have achieved the trust of consumers.

The campaigns and advertisements create an emotional connect in the consumer’s mind and reinforced Tata’s position in the market.  Addressing to the various health problems like anaemia, indigestion, constipation, and essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, they have a variety of salts providing solutions for a healthy living.

Cutting edge:
Tata Rock salt and Tata Black Salt can be used for enhancing foods packaged in a simple crusher format sustaining the natural richness; a twist in the crusher explodes the food with flavour and minerals.

Brand Commitments:
They are India’s most trusted brand and a first choice in the household. They strive to prevent diseases and provide their consumers a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Brand Facts:
Tata launched India’s first iodised salt in 1984.

Master Stroke:
They had a mass campaign of a salt purity test.

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