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The Trisara Group Builders & Developers

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The Trisara Group Builders & Developers are into commercial & residential properties and are currently offering affordable housing flats for their customers. They put a lot of thought into making not just homes but dream homes, and not just by today’s standards but also from a futuristic perspective.

Triumph of Celebration:
Their mission is to be the most trusted Developer-Builder firm across all segments of the Indian population and for their name to resonate with customer centric, ethical, fast, transparent and reliable, as they persistently deliver ambitious work & ace service to their customer base. They believe that customers are the ultimate benefactors of all their efforts. As they evolve, they seek to perfect and maintain a high standard of undisputed credibility, unquestionable integrity, impeccable customer-service and visible transparency in processes & interactions across hierarchies in their work flow. They want to be known as an organisation that actually builds experiences rather than mere spaces and aspire to be the first choice for all value inclined customers.

Brand Quotient:
The Trisara Group is taking forward leaps in its journey, steadily accelerating progress by working on a set of goals:

Customer-Relations: Win adulation from an immense customer base by delivering on every commitment.

Productivity: Cultivate high performance cultures within teams by nurturing employees to reach their full potential and by executing lean planning and management.

Portfolio: Diversification and expansion of portfolio to cover a range of projects aiming at lifestyle improvement through design and global earth initiatives.

Research: Investment in research to be up to date with latest, contemporary and unconventional materials & building techniques, sparking creativity in innovation and adoption.

Industry Relations: Create a healthy network with other professionals in the industry for different possibilities of collaboration.

Community Outreach: Engage with local communities and discuss global perspectives to encourage dialogue, and be responsible citizens truly serving the society in their capacity, by identifying critical needs.

They are focused on providing the most value-added residential and commercial properties by means of exceptional design & planning, catering to all kinds of customers. This includes architecture inspired from global standards, not just in luxury projects but also for Pradhan Mantri Housing for all initiative. This in turn gives rise to a host of additional premium benefits & amenities for the end consumer. 
Having done conceptual experimentation, and visualized the best design possibilities in a space, they arrive at a solution that first benefits the end consumer & the environment, in multiple ways and then the business/organization. They believe in a work ethic which is grounded in transparency and honesty.
They have a “No false commitments & No false projections” policy in all kinds of ads & marketing material. The 3D views of the building and apartments, are also made true to scale instead of showing random 3D views and mentioning *artistic impression only”.

Cutting Edge:
The team at The Trisara Group takes utmost care to provide the best quality offerings regardless of the nature of the project being low-cost housing. Design & Construction Materials are thoughtfully curated to provide a unique living experience to the end consumer. With their current affordable housing venture, people find it hard to believe what they are offering in the Affordable Housing rate of Rs.3600/Sq.Ft. in that area. Their project clearly stands out from the rest in multiple ways, seeming to be a luxury project to some. The impact is that people across all income segments are beginning to expect higher (righteously) not just in terms of value for their money & investment but also value for their lifestyle that can be elevated through design. They offer unbiased support for new customers as well as excellent Relationship Management for existing customers. This also includes service on an ethical ground where no false information is given, ownership taken for any inconvenience caused and timely grievance reddressal. The undying zeal in the entire team is to reach their mission, which is driven from- their quest to change the landscape of the real-estate industry in the country, with respect to removal of corrupt practices and restoral of faith from the end customer.

Brand Commitments:
They have a “No false commitment, No false projections” policy for their buyers. Every aspect of their work is transparent and honest.

Excellent building construction deeply interwoven with contemporary design & undeniably good architecture is what they deliver to their customer base.

Brand Facts:
The building Design & Construction, both are owned by the same organization which ensures that a purely goodwill architectural approach is followed throughout processes. This ensures that their offering is bespoke in any particular segment.

Furthermore, teams from all departments sit together & work in the same open space, which ensures comprehensive knowledge about the project to all and thus also ensures transparent & honest communication to their end consumers.

Master Strokes:
“No False Promises, No Fake Projections” policy.

The first low-rise affordable housing, designed using contemporary materials. Honest, Transparent and Ethical value system adopted throughout all processes in the organization.