Air India

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Air India, the largest single aggregation of India was founded by the late J.R.D Tata in July 1932.

Triumph of Celebration:

Air India exulted being the 27th member of the Star Alliance in 2014. The Maharajah completed 56 years and is the world’s most famous and recognizable mascot. His unique puns helped promote services. Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL) is a fully owned subsidiary aiming to provide unified ground handling services like ramp, passenger, baggage and cargo handling.

Brand Quotient:

75 years in the Aviation business they have a commendable record of 34,911 passengers a day and an extensive network of 37 international and 69 domestic destinations including 4 continents. Air India redefines passenger experience, environmental performance and better economic performance with its latest induction, Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


The logo of Air India is a flying swan the “Konark” morphed into the “Centaur” and the Chakra is reminiscent Indian logo. The unique panache of the mascot has won many awards for the subtle humour for publicity. Through his promotional message for sales he signifies Air India to be warm and hospitable reaching the farthest corners of the globe.

Cutting Edge:

With its sophisticated, futuristic design, Air India's B787 Dreamliner is the most advanced aircraft in the sky. Its wing, tail, nose and flight deck windows have all been engineered for the maximum aerodynamic efficiency reducing fuel burn. The Dreamliner's spacious architecture, storage space, cleaner, healthier air, lower cabin altitude, dimmable-windows ensure a smoother and unrivalled passenger experience.

Brand Commitments:

They implement green initiative measures like reducing pollution, continual monitoring of environment performance, safeguarding and enhancing life of employees and customers.

Brand Facts:

JRD Tata flew the first de Havilland Puss Moth carrying air mail from Karachi to Bombay.

Master Stroke:

First Ground Service Provider to obtain ISO 9002 certification.