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Saffola is a health care brand which brings about a range of everyday Heart Healthy Foods and Services that are easy, effective and enjoyable to integrate into the consumer’s lifestyle; founded by Marico established in 1991 and headquartered in Santacruz, Mumbai.

Triumph of Celebration:

Saffola life has been creating awareness about heart health and inspiring people to heave a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart. At Saffola, with a customer centric approach they understand that each one has their own way to blend health into their daily lifestyle. Saffola offers salt, oats, Nutri-shake and Saffola Aura as products. Saffola Oil offers a gamut of options like Saffola Gold, Saffola active, Saffola Total & Saffola Tasty.

Brand Quotient:

Saffola Salt Plus has less sodium making it an healthier alternative to regular table salt. Diets low in sodium help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Cutting Edge:

Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake provides up to 50% of daily intake of essential vitamins in one serve with up to 70% less calories. It is recommended to replace one or more meals a day with Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake or as directed by a nutritionist in combination with exercise for effective weight management.


Saffola aims in creating awareness about health, heart & healthy lifestyle. For this purpose they have adopted the best available technology in the market to ensure that their customers lead a healthy lifestyle.

Brand Commitment:

Saffola is the first choice of the customers when it comes to edible cooking oil. The company works hard to maintain its position among its customers by providing them with a healthier lifestyle.

Brand fact:

Saffola Aura is the first ever Olive oil with Flax seed oil.


Saffola Active absorbs 28% lesser fat as compared to other oils.

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