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Since its launch 50 years ago, the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea is known today for its iconic Wah Taj experience with tryst and excellence since 1966.

Triumph to Celebration:

India's first premium tea brand, it lived up to a first-of-its-kind promise in the domestic market fostering excellence to deliver the best. As palates developed a taste for the exquisite flavour of the best tea leaves from the choicest gardens of Upper Assam, India, they discovered that the culture of tea drinking had evolved to new heights.

Brand Quotient:

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal entered the Indian hearts as one of the country's most loved indigenous brands, synonymous with quality and excellence in craftsmanship.


They have always kept pace with the changing times by adopting technologies, such as tea bags and vacuum-sealed packs and introducing select and single origin tea from Assam, the Nilgiris, and Darjeeling. They have successfully delivered to the taste of discerning Indians.

Cutting Edge:

Hosted on select mornings, the Tea Tasting Ceremony are knowledge sessions that is way of introducing the subtle nuances that make each cup of tea unique. The beauty of tea lies in its hidden notes, delicate aromas, and rare flavours. And it is precisely such beauty that they seek to introduce to guests over cups of exotic tea and fine blends.

Brand Commitments:

Every International Day of Tea, the Tea House celebrates the joy of the favourite beverage and the creativity it inspires. The annual festival is a blend of cultural experiences themed around tea with poetry and a unique melange of sensorial arts, Tea Painting Workshops, and Tea Pairing Sessions.

Brand Facts:

Taj Mahal Tea House appeals to tea connoisseurs, classical live music enthusiasts, book lovers, and artistic souls.

Master Stroke:

The brand’s legendary ambassador is Zakir Hussain.

Taj Mahal Tea

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