Brand Advertising Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (BARC) is a research-based consultancy leveraging an array of services to global brands with expertise in crafting branding solutions and analysis of brand equity, marketing campaigns, market research, product development and content marketing, with a blend of innovation for growth in various industries.

BARC Asia​

Attaining quality is the key concern in today’s competitive world. With the digitalization & and heavy increase in number of entrants in the industry, it has become a tough challenge for any organization to retain their loyal and privilege customers. BAR Asia, the primitive research brand has been conducting Consumer and Industry research in order to help companies explore the Customer Perception & Industry Insight.

BAR Asia works through an aesthetic program to determine the best of brands, their supreme qualities and state of art brand performance.

The data essential for research is gathered through the sources of primary & secondary data collection strategies. Questionnaires are prepared covering the various major parameters considered for the respective industry and its standards.

BAR Asia Research team focuses on various parameters from customers and industry’s point of view. The company performance is measured against the set Benchmarks to conduct a Gap analysis with the data collected through an extensive survey.

The Research process is set in different stages for an accurate report. Starting with

  •  Topic Formulation  
  •  Designing Objective & Hypothesis
  •  Gathering the Data
  •  Analysis of Data

In order to maintain high accuracy, BAR Asia gathers the desired data through Primary & Secondary sources. Primary data is collected through the direct customer interview, observation and questionnaire method. Secondary source of data is collected through various reliable sources such as published articles, research papers, published books, previous research, relevant papers or journals, magazine etc.

BAR Asia conducts different types of Research, some of which are:

  •   Descriptive Research - Survey & fact-finding enquiries of different kinds.
  •   Analytical Research - Using information to make the further critical evaluation.
  •   Applied Research - Action research for finding some solution to the problem
  •   Fundamental Research - Theoretical research
  •   Quantitative Research - Research based on the measurement of some quantity or amount.
  •   Qualitative Research - Research concerned with the quality phenomenon.
  •   Conceptual Research - Research related to some idea or theory or concept.
  •   Empirical Research - Research based on experience or observation.
  •   Other Research Categories - Laboratory Research, Historical research, One Time Research, Longitudinal Research etc.