Mr. Sen can be noted for intellectualizing the effective managerial techniques and using the innovative management information systems that have led to productivity being maximized and ensured a seamless interface among the pivotal arms of distribution, design, marketing, editorial & production. He has been involved in hefty research-driven projects that comprise aspects of marketing, branding, and advertising through projects like Industry’s No. 1, People’s Brands, Business Speak, MindSpeak, Full of Beans., Global Business Symposium, Goal Fest, Townhall, Tea Talks, Thought Leadership Symposium Marketing Meisters, Brand of the Decade and Prestigious Brands.

Herald Global is an online portal for global tales of success, another initiative taken by ERTC Media. It is an Online Business Magazine and Business Success Story Portal, featuring and publishing the celebratory stories of matchless, supreme industries. With top expertise in research and utmost passion, Herald Global delivers stories about top brands, celebrities, evolving technology, leading business and the political global pool. With the commitment to provide globe- trotting knowledge, the magazine has an eclectic mix to suit the eccentricity in all kinds of audience

Mr. Saimik Sen has introduced Prestigious Brands, a coffee table book that reflects the soul of each brand so as to bridge the gap between the brands and the perceptions of the consumers. Prestigious Brands is a reference book of the most prominent brands, which has emanated as a result of the powerful and intense perceptions notched inside the Indian consumer’s mind. It is a manifestation of the most superlative brands that have formed a cult followership for themselves amongst Indian consumers. Prestigious Brands is a design marvel, an innovative book that has reshaped and revolutionized the industry.

Mr. Saimik Sen is an enthusiastic speaker and a great listener. He reaches out to various notable personalities from different industries, exchanging with them views and opinions about the problems faced at national and global level, thus introducing MindSpeak. A topical idea, with knowledgeable wise personalities MindSpeak introduces the foundation to change in every aspect of life.

Global Business Symposium (GBS) an initiative created, that envisions to bring

together visionaries driving a singular agenda for Scripting Economic Change, by

discussing myriads of ways to explore the business prospects, economic reforms, growth sustenance, and other key issues that hinders economic growth of enterprises globally.

Townhall is an opinion bearing project where leaders from different walks of life come together to share their vivid opinions and thoughts with each other. It is an opportunity pioneered to speak about topical inspirations. 

The Industry’s No. 1 is a special pride procreated to celebrate the unique leaders and their leadership roles in sports, entertainment, business, politics, arts, science & technology who set a bench mark showcasing through their expertise and passion to be the best. With unique differentiating skills the individual has earned the No. 1 position in the respective category in every industry with their high calibre winning the topmost position of recognition.

People's Brand is a listing of customer centric brands which are perceived to function only for the welfare of the people through innovation, diligence, sustainability and compassion in the Indian market. The People’s Brand are influential brands which have paved the way emotionally into the ideal desideratum of the people across the nation.

Marketing Meister

Marketing Meister signifies recognition of the leaders who have created a unique position  for the company through marketing. With creative and laudable perspectives, they have been acclaimed and celebrated for their unconventional contributions towards innovation, brand building and have been a marketing inspiration to India.

Brand of the Decade indicates the brands who have achieved consistency with brand equity from the last 10 years by making numerous changes and tactical shifts in order to retain the strategic thrust and objectives. With innovations and ideations this recognition includes those brands that disrupt established category dynamics and stimulate long term growth.

Goal Fest 2021 is an Initiative to felicitate the achievements of  leaders playing a pivotal role in shaping industries with their inspiring contribution. It looks to honour the winners of difficult times.

With more than 20 years of laudable experience, Mr. Saimik Sen is stretching his horizon of innovation and exploring various means connecting to people. With the aim to contribute to the student community, he also created Full of Beans, an educational arm of Herald Global. Full Of Beans is extensively dedicated to stretch the knowledge pool of students, teachers and parents with stories related to education and study globally.

With the ideology of creating a respected space for brands building successful roadmaps, Mr. Sen expresses the pleasure of seeing the brands that are created by your company in the competitive world of Branding and Marketing. It is an exciting, challenging and a very noble profession. The special skills and thought process that makes me choose this path are my abilities to network at all the levels combined with the management expertise and great flair for creativity and communications.


Mr. Saimik Sen is an articulate and eloquent brand architect, known as a distinguished leader in the brand recognition industry. His brand intellectual properties are the most followed by corporations and brands across the globe. His initiative Brand Advertising Research & Consulting has constantly strived on promoting Asian brands on a global platform through stellar research processes and grand corporate events.

In an era where editorial sanctities are still in question along with the limpidity of research, Mr. Sen at ERTC Media takes pride in having an unmatched credibility process. With Brand Advertising Research & Consulting and a credible jury, the company is committed towards an unbiased process where only the worthy gets selected.  

Chief Executive Officer

BARC Asia​

Brand Advertising Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (BARC) is a research-based consultancy leveraging an array of services to global brands with expertise in crafting branding solutions and analysis of brand equity, marketing campaigns, market research, product development and content marketing, with a blend of innovation for growth in various industries.